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Long Term Care Insurance 

What to Know Before Applying for Long-Term Care Insurance

Many factors go into evaluating long-term care insurance applications and whether people are eligible for coverage. The more informed you are about those factors now, the more confident you and your agent/producer can be about your decision on whether to proceed.

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The following is a partial list of the kinds of conditions and situations that we consider when reviewing applications and underwriting coverage. Please:


1. Read the Pre-submission Underwriting Considerations. 


2. Review the Disqualifying Conditions.


3. Discuss your health history with your agent if any of these apply to you and you’re wondering whether you would qualify for coverage.


4. If you are unsure you will qualify for coverage due to an existing health condition, talk to your agent/producer about completing a pre-health qualification questionnaire before submitting your application. These questionnaires range in conditions from diabetes, arthritis, and COPD. That will help determine whether Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company would be able to insure you and at what rate class and benefits.


5. Discuss with your agent/producer what to expect during the underwriting process and personal health interview should you decide to apply.

When you’re considering long-term care insurance, you have a lot of options. Most policies provide similar coverage for long-term care services you receive at home, in an assisted living facility, or nursing home. But in addition to these similarities, there are some significant differences. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the policy you select works the way you want and need it to work when it’s time to make a claim.


BRIDGE: Long-Term Care Planning Reimagined


Bringing together long-term care coverage, a science-based wellness program and a Non-Qualified fixed index annuity, Bridge allows your clients to plan for a secure, healthy future.

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