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Group Major Medical Health Insurance

What is Health Insurance?


Health insurance is a good way to help you manage your healthcare costs. You pay healthcare companies' premiums – a set amount of money each month - and you get benefits to pay for your eligible healthcare expenses. This can include regular doctor checkups or injuries to treatment for long-term illnesses


Understanding Group Major Medical Health Insurance


Group health insurance is a form of employer-sponsored coverage. There are a few different options for group health insurance coverage that businesses can offer to their employees.  


Group medical coverage refers to a single policy issued to a group (typically a business with employees, although other kinds of groups can get coverage) that covers all eligible employees and sometimes their dependents.


Langley Insurance & Financial Enterprise focus on solutions that help balance cost with employee and retiree needs. our company is designed to deliver high quality care and affordable prices.

Langley Insurance & Financial Enterprise offers free, comparative quotes on health insurance from multiple insurance carriers so you can get the best possible rate.

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