If you become disabled, what can you do?

*Collect Social Security?
Many people think Social Security will cover them if they become disabled. But not everyone who becomes disabled qualifies for Social Security disability benefits – and it doesn’t take care of everything, even for those who do.
Using your savings?
After your monthly expenses, how long will your savings last?

*Borrow money?
If you’re not working, how would you make your monthly payments? Could you even get approved for a loan at this point?

*Sell your assets?
Most people consider this to be their last resort. Not only do people not particularly want to part with their possessions, they rarely get full value for them when they do.

Be Prepared
Insuring your earning potential is every bit as important as insuring your life, house or car. Your whole standard of living is, to a great degree, dependent on your income. You have assets – but it’s your steady paycheck that secures your ability to retain them. No matter how comprehensive your medical coverage may be, it’s important to make sure you’ll have money available to help meet your financial obligations if you become disabled.